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  1. If 2020 was the year occupational safety was thrust into the spotlight, 2021 was the year that proved it needs to stay there. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. Neither have all your other safety responsibilities. And no one needs to remind you of that. You’ve made it through two very tough years. Go ahead, pat yourself […]

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  2. A safety consultant says taking a page from the military’s playbook — something called Commander’s Intent — can help companies achieve their safety goals. In a presentation at the National Safety Council fall 2021 conference, Shawn Galloway, President/COO of ProAct Safety Inc., said Commander’s Intent is the overall purpose of something — the “why” it’s […]

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  3. To reach excellence in safety, first you have to define what it will look like.  Safety success has to be defined not only in results but in performance terms. It has to be defined in ways that are observable. This is the way one company I worked with defined safety success: If the bosses are […]

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  4. OSHA cited a Georgia contractor following the death of a 24-year-old worker who was struck when the fork attachment on a front-end loader dislodged.  This incident occurred while the worker was holding a stake as the heavy piece of equipment drove the stake into the ground to install a stanchion for GPS equipment. The worker […]

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  5. The psychosocial impact of the pandemic on workers has been profound. People are experiencing high levels of stress, burnout and fatigue. Essential workers are stressed about their own and their family’s safety. For others, stress may come from a family member losing their job. Even people who are working from home are experiencing more stress, […]

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  6. The stay on OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccination emergency temporary standard (ETS) will likely cause some of the emergency standard’s compliance deadlines to be pushed back to at least Dec. 10, 2021.  OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccination ETS was stayed in early November by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit after more than 30 petitions for review were […]

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  7. The comment period for the COVID-19 vaccination emergency temporary standard (ETS) has been extended to Jan. 19, 2022.  OSHA extended the comment period by 45 days, allowing additional time for stakeholders to review and gather information before making comments. Comments should be identified as Docket No. OSHA-2021-0007 and can be filed electronically at, which is the […]

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  8. When work-from-home (WFH) started at the beginning of the pandemic, many employees assumed it was temporary.  That meant, if they had ergonomic problems with their WFH set-up, they didn’t complain much. Now we’re having more complaints, injuries and workers’ comp claims. How do you support ergonomics when you aren’t in the same place as the […]

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  9. OSHA filed suit Nov. 17 against PACCAR Inc., doing business as Peterbilt Motor Co., to force the company to reinstate an employee who was allegedly fired for raising COVID-19 concerns at a Texas manufacturing plant.  The agency is asking the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas to order the company to reinstate the […]

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  10. Why aren’t fatigue and lack of good sleep addressed more often as factors in workplace safety?  There are several barriers: lack of awareness and information often not recognized as a safety and health hazard in the workplace, and lack of understanding of the strategies needed to manage it. Workplace culture can also contribute. Are long […]

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