Retiree Chapter 267

The objective of the Local Retiree Chapter is to Unite CWA Retired members in a cohesive organization that can, in conjunction with the CWA Retired Members Council, and other unions, church and community groups, develop effective support for programs on federal, state-wide and community levels to bring a better life for our retirees, and to keep CWA informed of any special problems of our retired members, and promote active support for retired members of CWA. 

Benefits of RMC Lifetime Membership

As a Lifetime Member of the Retired Members' Council, you will stay connected to CWA through the CWA News, and (via e-mail) our weekly CWA Newsletter.  You will have the opportunity to be involved in matters that di­rectly affect you and your fellow retirees. Through the Council, you will be joining forces with active CWA members in support of the union's goals, whether on a picket line, a phone bank or through other demonstrations of support.

Lifetime Members are entitled to participate in one of the hundreds of Retiree Chapters sponsored by CWA local unions all across the country. Active chapters increase the power and reach of the Council, so we encourage you to join a chapter as well. Click here to locate a Chapter near you.

Council Members are eligible to participate in the money-saving CWA Union Privilege program, which provides dozens of popular services and discounts to CWA members and retirees. Go to for these and other programs. Additionally, you are entitled to 15 percent savings on mobile phone service through the CWA-represented AT&T Wireless. Go to

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