Tentative Agreement



Sisters and Brothers,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee has reached a Tentative Agreement with CenturyLink. This limited negotiations has kept our current protections in our collective bargaining agreement in place while providing improvements in regards to wages and health benefits.

We will put out the details on Monday, August 19th. After that, Locals will conduct a ratification vote with members. Thank you for your support!

In Unity,

Your CenturyLink Bargaining Committee

Early Bargaining at CenturyLink


Sisters and Brothers,

Our fight starts now! CenturyLink management has proposed early bargaining for our contract which is set to expire March 28, 2020. We have accepted, and will meet with the company next week, on August 13-16, 2019.

We are ready to listen to what the company has to say. We are also crystal clear on what an early agreement must include: Job security for current employees and opportunities for the future -- as well as affordable health care and improved wages. . . . .

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Legacy Qwest Employee Stock Option to expire

To all Legacy Qwest Employees who were granted a stock option of 100 Qwest shares as part of the 2003 Collective Bargaining Agreement. From the date of the grant, August 18, 2003, you were given 10 years to exercise your vested option as an active employee. The stock option is set to expire on August 18, 2013.

For all previous employees, including retirees, you can exercise your stock option as follows:

  • Termination: If voluntary or not for cause, you may exercise within three months after your termination date. If for cause, your option terminates immediately.
  • Retirement: You may exercise within two years after your retirement date.
  • Long Term Disability: You may exercise within two years after the day you become disabled.
  • Death: Your beneficiary may exercise within two years after the date of your death.

None of the time frames above will exceed the August 18th 2013 expiration date.

At the date of the Qwest CenturyLink merger, your 100 Qwest share option was converted to a CenturyLink share option of equal stock value at the time of the merger. That stock option is held to the same expiration date. You have just less than 6 months to exercise your stock option before it expires.

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History of PEIR

During contract negotiations in 1986, The Communications Workers of America and Mountain Bell signed a Letter of Agreement recommending the "exploration, development and implementation of a program to raise employee awareness and education of the magnitude and cost to the company..." of problems of substance abuse. The letter further recommended that "... the program should also provide adequate help to employees in seeking appropriate assistance in dealing with chemical and substance abuse..."

 The PEIR program flourished in the Central region of U S WEST Communications during the 1986-1989 time period. During 1989 bargaining between the Communications Workers of America and  US WEST Communications, in 1991 the program was expanded to include the Eastern and Western regions.

 Currently there are 50+ PEIR Facilitators throughout CenturyLink, offering help and support for employees and members experiencing problems with substance abuse, Chemical dependency or other stress issues.

You can find more information and a list of local facilitators here.

CenturyLink union will rally in Littleton as contract bargaining drags

By Andy Vuong
The Denver Post

With negotiations on a new contract moving slower than expected, the union covering 13,000 CenturyLink employees in 13 states plans to hold a rally Friday in Littleton that will include member representation from each of the states.

More than 100 open proposals are still on the table nearly four months after bargaining kicked off, and the Monroe, La.-based telecommunications company is seeking wage, health care and other concessions that are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the Communications Workers of America District 7.

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Legacy Qwest Contract Expiration and my Pension

As the Legacy Qwest contract nears expiration and Bargaining begins, there is always a voiced concern about Pensions. What will happen? Can they take it away? Should I retire before the current contract expires!.

Since the merger of CenturyLink and Qwest, we’re receiving a number of calls from members who are concerned as to what will happen to their current pension entitlements. Some believe that they should retire now, not because they want to but out of concern that they will be caught up in a change. 

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