Welcome Letter to CWA Local 7804 Membership

Hello CWA Local 7804 Membership,

We are sending out a message today, to proudly announce that the Merger between CWA Local 7804 in Tacoma and CWA Local 7810 in Olympia, has been voted on and approved by the membership of both Locals. A lot of hard work went into drafting the Merger agreement and new bylaws, and we would like to thank the two Local Merger Committees that facilitated everything. Both Locals will finish the fiscal year and on October 1st 2020 the books will be combined.

Our first E-Board/Stewards meeting as a merged Local will be September 8th at the Tacoma Local Union Hall. We are currently building the 2020/21 Local Budget, and we will present the budget to the new E-Board at the September 8th meeting. If approved by the E-Board, the new budget will be presented and voted on at the September 22nd ZOOM Membership meeting.

Our 1st Membership meeting will be on September 22nd at 6:00PM. Because of everything that is going on in the world the meeting will take place on ZOOM. The ZOOM meeting invites will be sent out to the Membership by email a few days before. All members that are not getting this letter by email, need to get a good personal email address to their Stewards, so they can be invited to the meeting.

As we said before, the New Local 2020/21 budget will be presented for approval. We also have 2020 Local Elections this year. 2020 Local Election Nominations will be taken on the September 22nd Membership ZOOM Meeting. Ann Smith will chair the Election committee, with Carey Grant and Randy Kruger also serving on the Committee. After all Local business is addressed, the Election Committee will take over the Membership meeting to conduct nominations for all Local positions.

Positions to be filled thru the election are:


Executive Vice-President

Area Vice-President for Tacoma Area

Area Vice-President for Olympia Area


4 Tacoma E-Board Positions

2 Olympia E-Board Positions

Any Member interested in running for a position can self-nominate or have another member nominate them. All nominations will take place on the September 22nd 2020 Membership ZOOM Meeting. Any Member in good standing can run for any elected Positions. All members that are nominated, have to accept their nomination on ZOOM Membership meeting or by letter to the Local Election Committee.

Please help spread the word about this email. We want to make sure we get this message and all future messages out to everyone, so if you hear of anyone not receiving the Local emails please get your Stewards a good personal email address and contact information.

In Solidarity,

Jake Williams                                                            David Hyde
President                                                                    President
CWA Local 7804                                                     CWA Local 7810
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