June report from the Vice-President

Fellow members:

The local has been busy this last quarter. We have been negotiating a contract for our brothers and sisters at working systems. We have reached a tentative agreement with working systems and we should have a contract ratification vote scheduled for July.

If you have been looking your area Union bulletin board lately. You will see that local 7810 has plans to merge with local 7804. Please review the merger agreement and at July’s general membership meeting we will be voting to approve or deny the merger. Members will also be voting on a bylaws change because of the merger changes.  Any questions you have about the merger your local officers and eboard members will be available to answer them at any time. If the merger is approved at the general membership meeting. We will be becoming local 7804 in January of 2021. You all have a say in this process so attend the meeting and let you voice be heard on the merger.

On the CenturyLink side of the business. Link to success is being enforced by management. If management calls you in for a meeting about your link to success about your numbers. You are entitled to a union steward to be present at that meeting.  We have a plan on fighting any type of disciplinary action that management enforces. So if management says a file is going into your record. Please request a steward to be present. This last  quarter we lost 5 members due to the ISSP and the VSPP.  This is a big hit to our membership and management is scrambling because it has affected their work loads. We are going to miss Travis, Bet and Orlando. I want to wish both Matt and Roy a happy retirement and may your retired days be better than your work days.

Last thing I wish to speak about is safety on the pandemic we are in. We should all have masks and hand sanitizer to do our job  if anyone does not have enough PPE please bring it up to your supervisor and to your local safety committee. With the new mandates on wearing masks in public. I would hate to see the company discipline anyone for the lack of PPE. It’s management’s responsibility to ensure you have enough PPE. So if you don’t have it speak up. The local safety committee is looking for volunteers from the Centralia Chehalis area to be a part of the committee if you are interested in being on the local safety committee. Contact JJ or your union representative. Hope to see you all at the next General Membership meeting on July 16 2020. There should be plenty of parking with Lake fair being canceled 

In solidarity
Robert Jacquot 
CWA local 7810
Vice President 

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