March report from the Vice President

Fellow members:

So far to date there has been no reported cases of COVID-19 with our local, and I pray it stays that way. Remember it’s important for any member to report to your supervisor and union representative. If they or anyone in the household has been in possible contact with COVID-19. There is no need to spread this to our families and co-workers, so don’t feel like you won’t get the virus and please report it. CenturyLink has provided 80 hours of excused time paid time off while this virus is going on. This is an emergency type of leave. Once it is used up any time off taken will be either entitlement time or excused time not paid. So use it wisely.

Because of the virus and the limitations set by law, April’s general membership meeting will be postponed to May 21st. God willing. Negotiations of the contract with Working Systems are delayed. The only thing not being delayed is the surplus process. The VISSP process just ended Tuesday and I am aware of only one member who has elected to take it. Most other union business is delayed, but the normal day to day operations are still going on. Feel free to call myself or any union representative if you have questions, concerns or a grievance. Together we will get through this and get our lives back to normal.

Be safe

Robert Jacquot
CWA Local 7810
Vice President

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image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)