September report from the President

Fellow Members,

Our summer has drawn to a close and it is time to plan for the end of the year activities. The big news this week is that the Legacy Qwest Tentative Agreement vote has been completed and the District wide results were 64% in favor and 36% opposed. I want to thank those representatives who conducted the onsite voting. Our membership participation was 95%.

In the next few months we will have a few tasks that will require your input and approval. At next months membership meeting we will present the 2019/2020 Local budget for your consideration, plan for the annual pizza gathering and propose the next fiscal year meeting schedule.

In addition to the above tasks, we will need to prepare for next years Local Officer elections, State and Federal political elections, Working Systems contract negotiations and ongoing bargaining unit house keeping.

Please plan to attend our General Membership meeting, your feedback and participation is invaluable.

In Solidarity,
David Hyde

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