September report from the Vice-President

Fellow members:

The local had a great turn out for voting on the tentative contract and your voice was heard at District 7. Next month is the general membership meeting and this is where you can use your voice on how the local is run. The local will be discussing finances and activities for the next coming year. I know there will be questions about the new contract. We will try and answer all your questions at next month general membership.

This past quarter the local started the process of mobilizing. Members who showed interest attended a mobilization class put on by district 7. The local has also seen management changes in both working systems and CenturyLink. Working systems is transitioning to a co-op management system. Ross Skinner has retired and Stan Choate is his replacement. We are working closely with both and so far there has been no major changes.

Finally on a sad note. Arthur Moses pass away over Labor Day weekend. Thanks to those who donated to Arthur’s family. His memorial will be held September 21, 2019 at the Winlock Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s witnesses at 1:00 pm. The address is 410 SW Kerron st, Winlock, Wa.

Next month meeting will be on October 17th at 5:30 pm. Come down and see how the local business is done. Get your questions answered and the more who attend. The bigger the door prize is.

In solidarity
Robert Jacquot
CWA Local 7810
Vice President

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